In 1665, Kongo Princess, Aqualtune Ezgondidu Mahamud Led 10,000 Men To Battle Before She Was Shipped To Brazil As A Slave

Princess Aqualtune Ezgondidu Mahamud da Silva Santos was a warrior who led 10,000 men into the Battle of Mbwila in 1665. This battle was between the Kingdom of Kongo and Portugal. Kongo at the time was the current day, Northern Angola, Republic of Congo, western part of the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Southern Gabon.

Princess Aqualtune Ezgondidu Mahamud da Silva

Kongo at the time was a vassal state of Portugal, and this war was meant to prevent the Portuguese from taking more control of Kongo than they already had.

About 5,000 men died in the war, while the survivors were captured and sold as slaves. Many of them crossed the sea into Brazil and other Portuguese controlled countries.

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