Sunday, August 1, 2021



Watch the Trailer for Naomi Osaka’s Netflix Docuseries

Naomi Osaka has debuted her own documentary series on Netflix. The three-part docuseries is about her life, her career as an athlete, and her...

Laburu is Coming – Kemi Adetiba Teases Posters for King of Boys 2

As the release of the much-anticipated sequel to King of Boys draws near, Kemi Adetiba has just revealed the first poster for “King...

This Indian Wedding Ad Went Viral and Riled Up So Many People

In India, women seeking marriage usually would not head to the newspapers to make an advertisement but this particular feminist is changing that narrative.  Indians...

Watch Blue Therapy – The Aftermath

Chioma and Paul are no longer together and in fact, she made some interesting revelations. Apparently, Paul the self-acclaimed provider and protector doesn't exactly provide.

Blue Therapy Finale – Jamal Cheated!

So, sometime in February, Jamal needed closure on his past relationship with his ex who he also trains (I don't know how that works, but okay). They (Jamal and his ex-girlfriend) got into the car and had this 4-hour conversation.

Girl on Girl Episode 1: Height Money or Loyalty – Which Would You Pick?

Popular Youtuber, Nella Rose is out with a new YouTube series, Girl on Girl produced by Wall of Entertainment. This episode featured friends of Nella Rose: Adeola, Annie and Mariam who also have YouTube channels.

Blue Therapy: The Reality Of Many Relationships

Blue Therapy is a Youtube short produced by Trend Centrl which airs every Thursday. It shows two couples who are currently in therapy. The relationship dynamic of each couple are extreme opposites with one another.

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