“Women in Blue” Inspired by Mexico’s First Female Police Force

Apple TV+ has shared an official trailer of the new show ‘Women in Blue’.

It’s a Spanish-language series about true stories of Mexico’s first female police force.

The series set in 1971 follows four women who become Mexico’s first female police force.

They will defy the ultra-conservative norms of the time only to discover that their squad is a publicity stunt to distract the media from a brutal serial killer.

“As the body count grows, María (Mori), whose determination to catch the killer becomes an obsession, Gabina (Amorita Rasgado), whose father is a renowned cop, Ángeles (Ximena Sariñana), a brilliant fingerprint analyst, and Valentina (Natalia Téllez), a young rebel, set up a secret investigation to achieve what no male officer has been able to do and bring the serial killer to justice,” an official synopsis reads.

Miguel Rodarte, Leonardo Sbaraglia, Christian Tappán and Horacio García Rojas are also starring in the movie.

The series will have a two-episode premiere July 31.

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