Friday, October 15, 2021


Peace Nero


9 Must-Have Qualities of a Cool Modern Woman

Scoffing at the title? Don’t blame you. The word ‘cool’ can be misleading. Cool for whom? For you, of course, the unique woman behind...

Watch the Behind The Scenes of Stefflon Don & Ms Banks’ “Dip” Music Video

Stefflon Don has just released clips from behind the scenes of her song Dip with Nigerian-British rapper Ms Banks. The video was directed by Wowa and featured Stefflon...

Watch Things Jackie Aina Learned Since She Got Engaged

Nigerian American beauty YouTuber, Jackie Aina's latest video is talking about what she has learned since she got engaged. Though the video seems to...

Watch Blue Therapy – The Aftermath

Chioma and Paul are no longer together and in fact, she made some interesting revelations. Apparently, Paul the self-acclaimed provider and protector doesn't exactly provide.

Blue Therapy Finale – Jamal Cheated!

So, sometime in February, Jamal needed closure on his past relationship with his ex who he also trains (I don't know how that works, but okay). They (Jamal and his ex-girlfriend) got into the car and had this 4-hour conversation.

Blue Therapy: The Reality Of Many Relationships

Blue Therapy is a Youtube short produced by Trend Centrl which airs every Thursday. It shows two couples who are currently in therapy. The relationship dynamic of each couple are extreme opposites with one another.

Short Hair Hacks: How To Style Short Hair

Short hair can be fun initially, until you end up having the same look or style for 6 months straight. We get it! Hair-inspiration is not something that is easy to come by.

Goron Tula Review: Silky Kola For Vagina Wetness

I have always dealt with vagina dryness and it has always affected my self esteem. However, I was trying to cope with it until...

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