Monday, August 2, 2021


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Togethxr Is On a Mission to Change Coverage of Women’s Sports

Despite the growing participation in women's sports, men sports have continued to dominate the media. In 2019, a study done by Purdue University showed...

“It Is Not Good For Man To Be Alone” Is Not A Marriage But Feminist Text

One of the things that God says in the Hebrew bible is that “It is not good for man to be alone.” Usually, Christians talk about it in terms of marriage - but who knew it was essentially a feminist text?

MacKenzie Scott Gives Away $2.7Billion In Fresh Round Of Donations

MacKenzie Scott, the philanthropist and ex-spouse of Amazon CEO and founder Jeff Bezos, has recently announced that she has made a fresh round of...

How Domestic Violence is Enabled Under the Guise of ‘Settling’

On the 5th of December, 2020, Dr Ifeanyinwa Angbo, a medical doctor in Benue state, took to Twitter to cry for help. In the video...

Getting Vaccinated May Change The Way Your Mammogram Looks

Coronavirus vaccines may affect the way your mammogram looks by causing enlarged lymph nodes in the armpit which shows up as white blobs on mammograms.

The Problem With Sexist Comedy

Sexist comedy trivializes issues that women face. Example of such issues includes rape, sexual assault, sexual harassment etc. Find out why it needs to stop, and why those who enjoy this type of content need to be called out as well as the comedians who crack these jokes.

Is God a Woman?

When I was a Christian, I fancied the Christian God to be male. Yes, we were told that God is not like man or...

We Researched The Divine Feminine So That You Won’t Have To

In the past few days, I have gone down the rabbit hole of the divine feminine concept. When I first came across this phrase...

Can Men Be Feminists?

Can men be feminists? How important is this question to the movement, and more importantly, how did you arrive at your answer?

Wondering What Male Privilege Looks Like? Here Are 8 Examples!

Men love to pretend that they don’t have any privileges and would rather chew nails than admit that patriarchy exists and by extension, they (men) enjoy many privileges that women don’t.

#ENDSARS : Why We Must Document The Contribution Of Women

I was 21 years old when I first heard that Funmilayo Ransome–Kuti was a women’s rights activist and suffragist who led multiple protests in Nigeria and even formed the Abeokuta Women’s Union.

The Countries Handling The Corona Virus Pandemic Effectively, Have One Thing in Common; Women Leaders

It is not that the men leaders are failing, it is that less women leaders are failing. This is starting an important conversation on women in leadership. A conversation,  we must admit is long overdue.

Where Exactly Is Kainene?

We all love Chimamanda Adichie but when it comes to Kainene, it is one thing she's done that drove us crazy. First she makes us think little of this character,

20 Ways To Cut Your Monthly Expenses

We live in uncertain times, and it has become imperative for us to watch our spendings and cut costs. Some of us have even had to cut our budget by a whopping 100%. 

Tinder Is Adding New Safety Features For Dates That Go Wrong

Most people are usually scared of going on dates with people they meet via online dating apps like Tinder. However, that is about to change for Tinder users. Tinder is adding new safety features for its users.

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