Who is Lauren Pisciotta, the Woman Suing Kanye West For Sexual Harrassment

Kanye West is always in the middle of drama.

A new troubling claim has emerged again from his former employees.

Lauren Pisciotta who worked as his assistant for two years is suing Kanye for sexual harassment, breach of contract and wrongful termination.

Who is Lauren Pisciotta?

Pisciotta is a 35-year-old internet model, born on 18 August 1988.

She became famous on Instagram, where she has amassed a following of one million.

She eventually launched an OnlyFans account, earning up to one million dollars annually.

The relationship between Kanye West and Lauren Pisciotta

As stated above, Pisciotta was Kanye’s assistant for two years and subsequently fired in 2022.

Pisciotta was hired by West to work on the first season of his Yeezy women’s fashion line and ended up collaborating with him on three tracks from his Donda album.

According to her, she was subsequently hired by West as his personal assistant, with an annual salary of $1 million, £780,000, on the condition that she was available “24-7”which she agreed to.

What happened between the duo

Pisciotta was primarily supporting herself via an OnlyFans profile in 2021 when she met West, and he was initially comfortable with her continuing her OnlyFans business, according to documents.

However, in 2022, he allegedly offered her $1 million to delete her only fans account, stating that he wanted her to be “God like”.

She alleges that she was bombarded with explicit text messages from West, including pornographic videos after she closed the account.

Pisciotta also claims he masturbated while talking to her on the phone and that, on one occasion, he pleasured himself in front of her after “trapping” her in a private room on his plane.

However, this is not the first time the rapper has been accused of lewd behavior.

Other employees of his Yeezy fashion line have said that he played pornographic films during staff meetings, and showed an intimate photograph of his then-wife Kim Kardashian in job interviews.

West has not responded to the allegations at the time, and has maintained his silence ever since.

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