About Us

Urban Woman Magazine is a women’s lifestyle magazine which aims to tell stories about the 21st Century African Woman. We are showcasing the African woman, her beauty, fashion and lifestyle, challenges and successes to the world. We are also interested in speaking out against societal ills and most importantly, we are causing a shift from old beliefs and ideologies and preaching an acceptance of new lights in which our women ought to be seen.

With a mainly female audience, spanning the ages of 25 – 60, we are gradually becoming the number one voice for women in Africa. Our 48-paged issue is released every quarter and address issues affecting women in the African society.

Our Audience

Urban Woman Magazine’s readers span between 25 to 60. She is an undaunted striver who is confident and not only believes that she can conquer the world, but is also taking deliberate steps in that direction. She is the woman who is not afraid to share her experiences as she journeys on the road called Life.

She is an Urban Woman.

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