About Us

Urban Woman Magazine is a digital feminist magazine telling women’s stories and discussing topical issues from around the world. It is a safe and carefully curated space for women and by women. Our mission is to explore the diverse and intersectional experiences of women of different race, ethnicity, religion and sexual orientation by listening to them and telling their stories as it is.

Urban Woman Magazine covers a wide scope of feminist issues, including but not restricted to women’s health, business, politics, sports, fitness, beauty, lifestyle and of course, feminism. We publish different formats, including interviews, op-eds, personal essays, features, investigative pieces and profiles. We share women’s experiences with the world through these articles, starting important conversations and amplifying minority voices when necessary. This magazine explores feminist topics from different cultural lenses. We entertain intersectional arguments on women and women’s rights as we consider this our contribution to the fight for an equal society. 

Our platform caters to a wide and diverse audience as our readers span across all continents and several countries. Our content is uniquely tailored to reflect the diversity and complexity of womanhood. At Urban Woman Magazine, representation and inclusion are important, and through our platform, we will continue to uplift minority voices, especially of queer and disabled women.

Urban Woman Magazine releases a new digital issue once a year, while our website features continuous content all year round. We are open to hearing new perspectives from fresh feminist voices all over the world. See our Submissions Guidelines here.

We will continue to document women to the best of our abilities while contributing to crucial conversations and amplifying minority voices. Equality is our mandate, and gender equality is our priority. We will continue to lend our voice and raise the voices of all women as we forge ahead on this journey to equality.