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Consent in Modern Dating

In this modern-day, relationship dynamics are quite different. People are evolving, becoming more self-aware, communicating their feelings, and are more open to healthier relationships....

Relationship Deal Breakers You Should Never Tolerate

Relationship deal breakers are relationship “icks”. They refer to things your partner does that will likely make you call it quits and end the...

Ending Your Relationship? Here Is Everything You Deserve to Know

Ending a relationship is never easy. I find it very funny when people ask if it’s a “bad breakup” because there’s no such thing...

7 Things Every Feminist Should Ask on a First Date

Imagine dating someone who is not open-minded, doesn't believe in equality, or is even a misogynist? That's the nightmare of every feminist.  It is very...

What You Deserve in a Relationship

The word relationship means being connected or related to a person, a thing, etc. In this context, a relationship refers to a partnership between...

Before You Exchange Intimate Pictures, Keep These in Mind

In this day of social media and the internet, it is not uncommon for lovers and partners to share intimate pictures of themselves. In fact,...

Weaponized Incompetence in Relationships

The first time I came across weaponized incompetence was on Twitter. A woman made a post about sending her partner to get groceries and...

5 Ways To Know If He Is Into You

Men are not in the business of letting you know how they feel, so half the time, you have to decipher it yourself. Now how do you find out if a guy is into you or not?

100 Funny Questions To Ask Your Boyfriend

Oftentimes we girls just want to liven the mood, and it generally doesn’t matter what the situation is. It could be just after a steamy sexual session, or just after a quarrel with your boyfriend

6 Alternative Things To Say When You Aren’t Ready For The ‘L’ Word

Saying the ‘L’ word can be really difficult for some people as it is the ultimate commitment in a relationship.

Here Is Why Heartbreak Insurance Is Fast Becoming A Thing

Have you heard about heartbreak insurance? Apparently, there is something called a heartbreak insurance policy supposed to help cushion the effect of heartbreak.

7 Ways To Make Any Guy Miss You

Are you interested in making a man missing you. Experts say that when a guy misses you, your value increases in his sight.

How to create intimacy without sex in your relationship

A lot of people do not believe that one can really create intimacy without sex in a relationship. However, intimacy should not just be physical, it should also be emotional.

The First Date: Dos & Donts

A first date is a defining moment of a relationship; you get to decide if you stay friends, have something deeper, or, even stop talking to each other.

The First Thing Women Notice About Men

Women don't just meet men for the first time and like them immediately or flow with the conversation, except of course he looks like one of those Instagram dudes with the killer looks.

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