Why Penelope and Eloise’s Friendship in ‘Bridgerton’ Fell Apart

Penelope Featherington did hide a significant secret from her close friend Eloise Bridgerton. However, that wasn’t the main reason their friendship fell apart.

In season 3 of the epic Bridgerton series, Eloise is seen struggling with Penelope’s presence, especially when she sees her with Colin at the Bridgerton household.

The tension between Eloise and Penelope continues to grow in Part 1 of Season 3, making us wonder what happened between them to reach this point.

Let’s dive into what really caused their rift and if they eventually make amends.

What happened between Penelope and Eloise in ‘Bridgerton’?

Eloise and Penelope had so much in common. Their free-spirited nature and love for reading were significant factors in their close friendship.

However, the revelation in Season 2 that Penelope is Lady Whistledown, the writer of the popular gossip column, seemed to have irreparably damaged their bond.

Yes, Penelope did keep a major secret from Eloise, but that wasn’t the main reason for the rift in their friendship.

The real turning point was when Lady Whistledown exposed Eloise’s connection with political radicals, especially Theo Sharpe, in Bloomsbury.

This action left a lasting and harmful impact on their relationship, as Penelope hoped to divert suspicion away from Eloise being Lady Whistledown.

When Eloise found out her best friend was behind the gossip column, she disassociated herself from her.

Will Penelope and Eloise go back to being friends in Season 3?

In much of Season 3, Part 1, Eloise keeps her distance from Penelope, even when she needs support.

She watches silently as the ton’s men mock Penelope for seeking Colin’s help to find a husband. Additionally, Eloise doesn’t intervene when Cressida pursues Lord Debling, despite Penelope’s connection with him.

However, in Episode 3, Eloise realizes she hasn’t been kind, especially to Penelope, with Cressida pointing this out. She apologizes for causing trouble for Penelope and their friendship, which is strained.

In Part 2 of Season 3, Eloise and Penelope’s friendship sees a positive shift. They start repairing their bond over Cressida’s false claim as Lady Whistledown. Eloise shows more empathy towards Penelope, acknowledging the unfairness.

By the season’s end, it’s evident that Eloise and Penelope’s friendship is on the mend.

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