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10 Best Brenda Fassie Songs Of All Time

Brenda Fassie was a musical legacy  and this article looks at the 10 best Brenda Fassie songs.

South African singer, Brenda Fassie also called MaBrrr was the music influence of the continent. With a voice larger than life, it was hard to not bump regularly to this “Queen of Afropop”. She was described by many as the “Black Madonna”, “Queen of the townships”.


10 Best Brenda Fassie Songs

Starting from her first song Weekend Special in 1986 to Vul’indlela in 1997, each of her songs could be described as magnificent works of art.

1. “Weekend Special” (1986)

This song was a masterpiece and was the song which started the Brenda rave. Released in 1984, it took a few years for this song to catch on. It was a song which most people would refer to as the “side-chick anthem”. Weekend Special was recorded by Brenda & The Big Dudes (Blondie and Pappa Makhene) and its success made Brenda Fassie a success.This song still finds new fans among people who are born even in this time.

2. “Vul’indlela” (1997)

Many years later, this song, Vul’indlela is a wedding day staple in South Africa. It is one of the greates hits of Brenda, it was voted Song of the Decade at the South African Music Awards on 26 April 2004, a month after Fassie’s death.

3. “Too Late For Mama” (1991)

What happens when a mother is killed while trying to fend for her child? This song, “Too Late For Mama” told the story of a mother who was killed while fetching water. Apparently she was killed by lightning. The child also died. This song featured Chico Twala, another top African star.

4. “Memeza” (1997)

“Memeza” means “scream”. In this song, Brenda is screaming against “the ones with no mercy” who “caught” her. This song was done with little backing, and also with a choir.

5. “Black President” (1990)

This was a tribute to Nelson Mandela. It told the story of his life and was looking forward to a time when South Africa would have its first black president. It happened four years later that Nelso Mandela became president of South Africa. The late Nelson Mandela suffered a lot in prison and the story of this man is all told here in this track.

6. “Higher and Higher” (1985)

This song showed off Brenda’s lyrical skills. It was definitely a song that could get any woman on her toes, really jamming her body. Especially because of the lyrics.

7. “Ngeke Unconfirm” (1995)

This song was released almost at the same time that the Kalawa Jazmee label began to gain prominence. Released in 1995, this song is still a hit among Kwaito fans as it was a pure Kwaito hit back in the day.

8. “I Straight Lendaba” (1992)

This song is a hit from when Kwaito music was starting to gain popularity in South Africa. It was so named because of the way people spoke in townships at the time – “I’m telling you straight”.

9. “No! No! Señor” (1986)

This was from her last album with The Big Dudes. In this sonng, Brenda is telling her man “please don’t do that to me”. This is the song which makes people compare Brenda Fassie to Whitney Houston. MaBrrr infused spanish lyrics with 1980s vibes.

10. “Kuyoze Kuyovalwa” (1994)

Kuyoza Kuyovalwa was produced by Kwaito pioneer Arthur Mafokate. It was a song with big beats which showed us the potential that songs in this genre had for Brenda Fassie.

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