How Old is Elodie in Damsel?

Millie Bobby Brown’s character, Princess Elodie, in the Netflix movie “Damsel” is portrayed as a mature princess willing to sacrifice herself for her kingdom.

While her exact age is not explicitly stated in the film, it can be inferred that Princess Elodie is between 18 to 20 years old based on contextual clues.

Brown’s own age during filming, 19 years old, aligns closely with the character’s maturity and playfulness, making this role her most mature yet. 

Elodie’s character challenges traditional princess story tropes by being old enough to marry but still seen as non-threatening, adding depth to the fantasy narrative. 

The film presents Elodie as a young maiden agreeing to marry a prince to save her people, only to face a sacrificial tradition involving a dragon pit, where she demonstrates her resilience and survival skills. 

Despite her struggles and sacrifices, Elodie’s character blends wisdom beyond her years with a touch of childlike playfulness, reflecting both maturity and youthfulness.

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