How Old is Brooke Carter? Damsel’s Floria Actress

Brooke Carter is a 14-year-old up-and-coming actress known for her role as Floria in the movie “Damsel,” alongside Millie Bobby Brown.

Here are some key details about Brooke Carter:

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Career and Background:

Born in May 2010, Brooke Carter started her acting career with notable roles in TV series like The Peripheral, Dhar Mann, Close to Me, The Irregulars, and The Alienist. “Damsel” marked her debut in a full-length film.

Carter’s interest in acting was sparked by her love for the musical “Hairspray” at a young age. She began with dance classes and stage shows before transitioning to acting.


Apart from acting, Brooke Carter is skilled in various forms of dance, piano, singing, stunts, martial arts, swimming, cycling, ice skating, and snow skiing. She also employs a unique “wordsmith” acting method to delve into her characters.

Brooke Carter’s journey into the world of acting showcases her multifaceted talents and dedication to her craft, making her a rising star to watch in the realm of film and television.

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