Let’s Normalize Having Period Sex

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Nwaezuoke Chisom Anastasia
Chisom Anastasia Nwaezuoke is a physiotherapist, writer, public speaker and yogi. She is also a sexual health and reproductive rights advocate and volunteers for HandsOff Initiative.

Having your period should not stop you from securing your orgasms. In fact, there are many benefits associated with having sex while on your monthly subscription to mother nature.

You only need to get past the bloody mess and even that can be easily managed with a few tips. Period sex is safe, enjoyable and might even provide relief for some of your menstrual symptoms. Here are 8 reasons why period sex should be normalized.

It’s just blood

Seriously, it is just blood. I know this is common knowledge but there is a need to reiterate it. Period is just another bodily fluid and you and your partner should never forget that. Men are sometimes skeptical about getting blood on their wand but that is a terrible excuse. Heterosexual women get men’s semen on their bodies all the time, so why is getting a little blood on his penis such a big deal (unless of course he has a phobia for blood)? One thing to note is that blood could carry infections and having unprotected period sex could increase his chances of getting STIs and that is why a condom should be worn, if you are unsure about your sexual health status.

It relieves menstrual cramps

First of all, having sex distracts you from the pain and for a period of time, you can take your mind off how much your uterus hates you or the best position to ease the pain because you’re too busy moaning. Also, sex triggers the release of endorphins or what is called the ‘happy hormones’ that can provide relief to the pain. Most importantly, when you orgasm, there is a contraction of the muscles of your reproductive walls followed by a relaxation. This relaxation could provide temporary relief from the cramps.

It relieves headaches

Abdominal pain is not the only symptom that people experience during their menstruation. Headache is one of the common menstrual symptoms experienced and many women have reported feeling a relief of their headaches after having sex. Try it, what do you have to lose?

It’s easy to manage the mess

I know this is a big concern for people who want to engage in period sex but managing the mess is not as difficult as you think. To completely avoid making a mess, have sex while in the shower and let the water wash all your sins away. Also, you can spread a dark coloured sheet or towel over your bed to avoid staining your bed or white sheets. Positioning in bed is also important, try lying on your side and have your partner thrusting from behind.

No need for lubricant

The blood will serve as a great lubricant and you get a WAP without even trying.

Boost your confidence

Being on your period can have you feeling bloated and very body conscious. Having sex on your period is one way to boost your esteem and make you feel confident in your body. Your body will always be worthy, even when you have blood leaking through your vagina. Never forget that.

It may shorten the duration of your period

This is one of the greatest benefits of having sex while on your period. The contraction of your vagina when you orgasm can force more blood out of your uterus thereby reducing the duration it would typically take to expel your menstrual blood.

Everybody is doing it

It’s 2020. Menstruation is not a taboo or even a dirty subject. A lot of people are having great sex while menstruating and there is no reason why you should deny yourself pleasure just because you are on your period.

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