Resilient Chibok Girl Captive Escapee Mary Katambi Empowers Women With Tech Skills

The trauma of captivity is never an easy thing to overcome, especially in the hands of the notorious Boko Haram group known for its terror operations in Nigeria.

However, Mary Katambi, one of the Chibok girls who escaped from the Boko Haram captivity determined to change the trajectory of her life, ensured the completion of her education.

Though some of her classmates withdrew along the way because of the challenges of adjusting to the new academic life, Mary serves as a source of inspiration to young girls and women.

After her graduation, she got the opportunity to do NYSC with the Women in Successful Careers (WISCAR), which exposed her to many wonderful individuals who inspired her.

Upon NYSC completion, a friend and mentor of hers, Christiana Okere, who schooled at the Nigerian University of Technology and Management (NUTM), encouraged her to apply for the university’s cohort admission to upskill her for her entrepreneurship goal.

She took many courses, such as an entrepreneurship class, that exposed her to ways to solve real-life problems and how to start a business.

Mary plans to build a global digital business for every used item in every household, starting with pre-owned and new fashion items in individual closets.

Seven years after she narrowly escaped from the grip of Boko Haram terrorists, Mary has achieved a great feat by empowering the young girls and women with skills in tech and beyond.

The extremist Boko Haram sect had on April 14, 2014, abducted Mary Katambi and 275 other girls from Government Secondary School, Chibok.

Within the space of ten years of the Boko Haram incident, Mary earned a bachelor’s degree in Accounting and a postgraduate degree and also went to Italy for an exchange programme during her undergraduate programme, a feat that can only be achieved through resilience, determination, and focus.

Nigeria has been plagued by insecurity for decades.

Boko Haram has waged a violent insurgency since 2009; in the north-central region,
with the target being young girls and women.

Recently, there has been an increase in abductions of young girls especially school children for ransom or to pressure the government to meet the aggressors’ demands.

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