Best Workout Apps For Women

Workout apps are not strange to fitness enthusiasts and today, the importance of working out has become clearer than ever in recent times as health and fitness have taken center stage.

workout apps for women
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While working out has always been seen as a ‘guy thing’ more and more people are ridding themselves of that notion and more women than ever are into working out and fitness. Not everyone can afford the fees that a gym would collect and therefore, a mobile app might be the way to go.

Below we look at some of the best workout apps for women.



The name says it all. Sweat will ensure that you lose the pounds the old fashion way: sweating it out. It also seeks to inspire women to focus on their nutrition and self esteem. It requires a bit of a fee, but at $19.99 a month, that’s not too bad.


My Fitness With Jillian Michaels

Everyone knows Jillian Michaels and there’s nothing more fascinating than having her as your personal trainer. For just $89.99 a year, you can have Michaels as your mentor and teacher with great videos and tips from the guru herself


Zombies, Run!

Not everyone is up for conventional workout routines and people can get a bit lazy sometimes. With Zombies, Run! You can have some fun while also getting a good workout. This popular game comes with radio transmissions which mixed with your music collection creates a unique experience. Available on iOS and Android, this is a great app to use to add some spice to your workout.


Nike Training Club

We all know Nike as a peerless manufacturer of sports apparel, but they also have the Nike Training Club. This app contains over 160 free video workouts which cover a wide range of exercises and styles. It’s a free app that allows you to exercise from the comfort of your home.


Runtastic Pushup, Pull-Ups, SitUps, & Squats

This is a series of apps which focus on specific routines using voice-coaching and so much more. Produced by Runtastic, these set of apps also make use of features such progress badges, and leaderboards. It is available on iOS, Android, and PC.



You’ve heard the phrase, ‘Don’t work harder, work smarter,’ this could also apply to exercise. With the Runkeeper app, you can track your routes and come up with useful plans with which to improve your endurance. It isn’t free, but neither is it expensive and with $39.99, you too can take advantage of the awesome features.


Fitstar Yoga

This is without a doubt, one of the best Yoga apps out there. With the Fitstar app, you can create unique workout sessions which take your fitness levels into account. Easy to use and with a great UI, you would want to get this app on your phone even with its $7.99 monthly subscription fee.



This is an app that helps you track your workouts, the food you eat, and many other metrics. With the help of Fitbit, you can also turn your smart device into a tracker and you can keep abreast of your gym sessions. If you haven’t gotten the Fitbit watch, this app might convince you to do so.



With such a cool-sounding name, Zova does everything with class and style. This all-in-one app provides video and audio workouts for users. The workouts are categorized and are all easy to use. You can get it for free, or, if you’d like access to special classes by celebrity trainers, you can opt for the premium package at $79.99 a year.


Seven – 7 Minute Workout App


No, this is not the Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman movie (though, that is quite excellent) this is an app chock-full of free workouts for users. You can create combinations of your own and even share said combinations with friends. Although free, there’s a premium version that grants you access to more workouts and a personal trainer.

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