“The only reason reason I’m defined as a R&B artist is because I’m black” – SZA

American singer and song writer, Solana Imani Rowe popularly known as SZA has opened up about the way her music has been categorized in the industry.

Speaking in a recent interview with Dazed, SZA noted that while many people perceive her music to be R&B, she isn’t keen on having her music confined to a single genre, believing it restricts people from fully appreciating her artistic range.

The 34-year-old star also shared feelings about her public image and being considered an R&B artist because she’s black.

“The only reason I’m defined as an R&B artist is because I’m Black,

“It’s almost a little reductive because it doesn’t allow space to be anything else or try anything else,” she said.

She further cited Justin Bieber’s music as an example to support her thoughts.

“I simply just want to be allowed the same opportunity to make whatever I want without a label, (without it being) based on the color of my skin, or the crew that I run with, or the beats that I choose,” she emphasized.

However, SZA reiterated that she’s focused on her music and the creative process.

“As long as I don’t process myself that way. I don’t necessarily box myself into anything.

“I’m just trying to make music, trying to vibe out and enjoy the experience.”

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