What is The “Black Wife Effect?”

Content creator Kolter Bouchard has shared his experiences from his relationship with a black woman, advocating for a study of the “Black wife effect”to be included in universities.

In a video via his TikTok account, the white man who reminisced on his transformation over the years attributed it to his interracial relationship with a black woman.

“I don’t believe in much, but I believe in the Black Wife Effect, and soon, you will too,” he said.

Sharing throwback pictures of himself Kolter claimed he looked like an anemic Machine Gun Kelly, prior to meeting his wife.

He then shared an updated picture of himself alongside his wife which showed a notable glow-up.

“You can’t tell me that’s not an improvement. Do you see this?

“Call me a leaky ceiling because I got the drip. This one’s just a thirst trap.

“The Black Wife effect, give it a Pulitzer,” the influencer added.

Lots of Kolter’s social media followers seemed to agree with him as they shared similar experiences with the Black Wife Effect.

One person wrote: “My dad is living proof of the black wife effect. He used to look like an older version of Opie from Andy Griffith and now he looks like George Clooney.”

Also, in a TikTok video that has garnered over 82,000 views, social media user Betsy, known by the handle @basicallybetsy2.0, delved into the concept of the “Black Wife Effect.” Betsy, who identifies with they/them pronouns, passionately articulates the transformative impact of Black women on their partners and broader society.

@basicallybetsy2.0 we love a black wife but it shouldnt stop there, how can we support a black wife, how can we elevate a black wife the way they elevate us (this is spoken symbolically not in a dehumanizing way) #blackwifeeffect ♬ original sound – Betsy💙

“I feel like there’s so much to break down about it,” Betsy begins in their video. They highlight a phenomenon where Black women, through their resilience, intelligence, and nurturing spirit, uplift not only their partners but also the communities they engage with. “So for me, as I’m watching the Black Wife Effect, what I’m thinking is that everything that Black women touch, they elevate. And that’s not just on a partner scale, that’s on a societal scale.”

Understanding the “Black Wife Effect”

The term “Black Wife Effect” encompasses the idea that Black women bring an extraordinary level of support, strength, and improvement to the lives of those around them. Historically, Black women have been the backbone of their families and communities, often providing emotional and practical support in the face of societal challenges.

Affirming to the black wife effect, another netizen said, “You sound like my man right now. Even his co-workers noticed the change in him… they all know me, I used to work there but YES!!! Black wife effect.”

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