Bride Says Kids Are Banned From Wedding, Sparks Online Debate

A video which made rounds on the internet has kick-started a heated debate between parents and child-less adults after it was suggested that a kid-free wedding is “unfair” and “inconsiderate” to families.

This debate started following numerous viral social media posts around the idea of kid-free events, weddings, and venues.

In a viral video which its origin remains unknown, a bride-to-be disclosed that her decision to opt for a kid-free wedding did not down well with her cousin.

After the unidentified woman told her cousin about the childless event, she was confronted by her family members.

The cousin argued that the bride should be providing entertainment activities for the kids like “personalized coloring books” to keep them out of the way.

We’ve gone and got a beautiful dress from Monsoon and everything, and a little suit,” she said, suggesting she has two kids. “We’ve been shoe shopping this weekend.”

When the bride questioned why she had bought outfits already, given that the official invitations were still being made, her cousin did not take it lightly.

“We’ve just decided as a couple, together, that we just don’t want kids there,” the bride replied, which earned the response, “Is this because you don’t have kids yet? Is it like a bit of a dig because you don’t have kids?”

The bride revealed that after several back-and-forths, her cousin declaredthat she would not be in attendance.

This generated lot of controversy on the internet as some criticized the bride others supported her decision.

Though most understood that the bride and groom could make their own rules, they didn’t understand why kids were banned from such a happy day.

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