The Kardashian Sisters Go at Each Other Again After Khloe Reposts Kuwtk Bag Swing Scene

Sisters in the popular American reality TV show “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” are at loggerheads again.

Khloe Kardashian had on Wednesday retweeted a throwback scene of her sister Kim Kardashian swinging her handbag at her in season 2 of the reality show following a quarrel at Kim’s new car dealership.

The iconic throwback squabble emanated from Khloé and Kourtney, following their sister to collect her new Bentley.

However, they weren’t too pleased that Kim kept them waiting for a long time at the dealership.

Khloe via her official X handle wrote, “I wish she would try this now @KimKardashian”.

Reacting to the tweet, Kim warned her sister that her bag was “much bigger” now.

“Baby be careful what you wish for…my bag is much bigger today than it was 16 years ago. @khloekardashian,” Kim replied.

However, Khloé didn’t appear to be intimidated as she hinted that her alter ego “Khlomoney” might make a return.

“Damn, I love it when you talk to me like this!! Made me a little excited. I love it when you stunt on me.

“Squealing but remember Khlomoney is still in this body. I just had to put her to sleep for a few years but she can and will be woken up,” she said.

Reposting a gif of her sister during their fight over the new car on the reality show, Khloe added, “I’ll see you and your big a– bag soon. Make it a Himalayan.”

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