Former Miss Tennessee USA Speaks Out After 2 Queens Surprisingly Resign

Following the sudden resignation of Miss USA 2023 Noeila Voigt and Miss Teen USA Umasofia Srivastava, former Miss Tennessee USA Allison DeMarcus drums up support for them, stating that their voices should be heard.

According to PEOPLE, Allison said that the “pageantry has really had a positive impact on the lives of countless young women” and it can continue to “but we have to stop and listen to what’s happening with these young women.”

She also pointed out that the fact Voigt is the first-ever woman to resign in the 72nd history speaks volume.

“It’s brave, and she’s very courageous for speaking out because she had everything to lose,” Allison added.

Recall that on May 6, Voigt tendered her resignation from the title, two days later Srivastava resigned too.

Similarly, the Miss USA’s social media director, Claudia Michelle announced her resignation, criticizing the organization for alleged “toxicity” and “bullying”.

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