Michigan Mom Spends First Mother’s Day at Home with Her Kids After Waking From Five Year Coma

A Michigan mom, Jennifer Flewellen is celebrating her first Mother’s Day at home with her three kids since waking up from being in a coma for five years.

Following a car crash in 2017, Jennifer has in been in coma at the Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital.

Surprisingly, she woke up suddenly in 2022 and left the hospital in 2024, just months before Mother’s Day.

Speaking with CBS News, Jennifer’s mom Peggy Means revealed that she never wanted to take her daughter off of life support, despite doctors telling her that “she’s not gonna wake up.

Then, in August 2022, Jennifer woke up from the coma.

Reflecting on her recovery journey thus far with CBS, Jennifer had a simple yet powerful response to the question: “What’s the best part of being back among us?”

Everything,” she answered.

Despite her still-limited speech, the mom of three added that she was ready to celebrate Mother’s Day with four simple words.

“I love my mom,” Jennifer said.

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