‘So I raped you’ – Woman Receives Facebook Message From Suspect

A young woman identified as Shannon Keeler has shared a horrific Facebook message she received from a man who had raped her while a freshman college at Gettysburg college in 2013.

According to the affidavit obtained by PEOPLE, the incident occurred when Keeler after a final year party found out that a “kid” had been “creeping her out”.

The kid, later identified as Ian Cleary, who was 20 at the time, allegedly followed her and her friend back to the dorm, offering the friend $20 so he could be alone with Keeler.

However, her friend told Cleary off but he had access into Keeler’s room and assaulted her.

After the incident, Keeler reported the alleged attack to police, underwent a rape kit test and found witnesses who saw Cleary that night but nothing was done.

Keeler had spent years trying to convince authorities to arrest Cleary she accused of raping her when they were both students at Gettysburg College in Gettysburg, to no avail, according to report by PEOPLE.

Several years later Cleary sent her a message in 2019 which she discovered in 2020.

The message reads, “I need to hear your voice, I need to know if I did it or not.”

“So I raped you.”

The police was notified after Keeler received the message but no arrest was made.

Following AP reports about Keelers case, weeks later, Adams County District Attorney Brian Sinnett filed a felony arrest warrant charging Cleary with sexual assault.

After a three-year search police in France, found and detained Cleary having linked his Facebook account with a matching cell phone number.

He is being held in French custody pending extradition proceedings, according to AP report.

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