Man Arrested for Posting Obscene Pictures of Minor on Social Media

A Nigerian father, Musa Suleiman who appears to be exploiting his 4-year-old daughter by posting sensual pictures and videos of her on Instagram has been arrested.

A woman via her X account had called the attention of the authorities to the alleged abuse of the girl.

Videos and pictures trending on social media show the minor in revealing clothes while in the company of some men, including her father, in a hotel in Auchi, Edo state.

The 28-year-old father allegedly took the four-year-old daughter to a hotel, removed her clothes, took her picture and uploaded it on his Instagram handle, @officialsarah_ig.

He also created an Instagram account for the young girl, referring to her as a “model” and posted numerous semi-nude pictures and videos which has sparked public outrage.

The account has sparked a furious backlash from Nigerians on social media, with many calling for the father’s immediate arrest and investigation by child protective services over apparent child exploitation.

“This isn’t even about parenting. They are exploiting the child. They can’t wait to start collecting money and selling her,” one commenter wrote.

However, the Nigerian police confirming his arrest, said investigations are still ongoing.

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