Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Why You Should Not Use A Screen Protector For Your Galaxy S10 Or Note 10

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The latest Samsung Galaxy S10 has a major flaw. It’s new high-tech fingerprint reader can be fooled by the residue left by your fingers on the screen protector. Apparently, a British woman discovered that her husband could unlock her phone by simply placing his thumb on the fingerprint reader. Another person also posted a video about a similar incident .

Why You Should Not Use A Screen Protector For Your Galaxy S10 or Note 10

Now, Samsung is warning its users, which include people who own the latest Galaxy S10 and Note 10 phones to remove their screen protectors until a software update is released. It is also advising customers not to use certain silicone screen protecting cases, saying that some screen protectors can cause the fingerprint scanners to malfunction.

Samsung said in a statement,

If you currently use front screen protective covers, to ensure optimum fingerprint scanning, please refrain from using this cover until your device has been updated with a new software patch.
The company is planning to release its update as soon as possible.
The Samsung Note 10 and S10 has unltrasonic fingerprint scanners which are said to use sound waves in creating a 3D map of a person’s fingerprint. Samsung also provides a screen protector that is specially designed for the ultrasonic fingerprint reader, which costs at least $20 to replace.
This is not the first time Samsung is having issues with a newly released phone. Launch of Galaxy Fold, Galaxy Note 7 have been stalled in the past. The Galaxy Fold launch was pushed back because of reports that it kept breaking, while the Galaxy Note 7 battery was said to have caught fire while being used by some customers.

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