Sunday, September 26, 2021

South African Women Share Their Experiences In This South African Documentary Film, Womanhood

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South African insurer, 1st For Women, and, digital media platform, Vice have collaborated to produce a short documentary film, Womanhood.
Womanhood features a number of South African women from different walks of life speaking about womanhood means to them. The documentary is themed around freedom, body, pain, motherhood and future.
Beginning with its first theme, Freedom, women describe what freedom means to them and how it looks like. For some women, freedom is being able to express themselves unhindered, while for others, it means being safe and being able to walk on the streets without fear of being harassed.


As other themes are expressed, more women speak their minds on it. A woman shares her experience of being gang raped when she was much younger. She says, “We teach our daughters to be safe but we don’t teach our sons not to rape”.

This documentary has shown how diverse women relate to “womanhood”. There are no limits and every woman tells a peculiar story, from the young professional soccer player struggling to make ends meet to the young muslim woman trying to navigate religion and sexuality to the woman fighting off stereotypes of what a mechanic should look like.

Womanhood surely makes you understand the peculiarities about being a woman.

Watch the documentary below:


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