Why Rihanna Is a National Hero

Rihanna becoming Barbados’ national hero is well deserved. She has served as the country’s official ambassador for culture and youth since 2018 and is one of the most famous citizens of the country. Her rise to international stardom represents the pride of Barbados, most notably with her music. Rihanna also continues to be a voice for young girls in Barbados.

Throughout her career as a singer, and songwriter, she stayed in tune with her origin and her heritage, bringing in visuals from her culture to her music videos eg Rude Boy, and her album, Music of the Sun.

During the last Republic ceremony held in Bridgetown, Prime minister Mia Mottley said “On behalf of a grateful nation, but an even prouder people, we, therefore present to you, the designee, for the national hero of Barbados, ambassador Robyn Rihanna Fenty. May you continue to shine like a diamond and continue to bring honour to your nation by your words, by your actions, and to do credit wherever you shall go.”

The ceremony was held in celebration of Barbados leaving the British monarchy, after more than 300 years. Robyn Fenty Rihanna is the 11th person to ever be declared a national hero of Barbados. 

This honour will allow the billionaire to use the prefix “Right Honorable” in front of her name, henceforth. 

In the same night, Barbados swore in its first president in the person of Dame Sandra Mason and officially removed Queen Elizabeth II of England as her Monarch. 

The island of Barbados was until recently, a territory within the Commonwealth. The official language spoken in this small nation is English, although it belongs to the Anglophone Caribbean group of countries that includes Trinidad, Guyana and Jamaica.

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