Tips on Wearing Heels Without Pain

Heels are a statement addition to your wardrobe. They give you the sass, confidence, and extra finesse that you need to take your outfits from zero to one hundred. Now, the problem is while the aesthetic value of heels is very high, their functionality isn’t that great. Luckily for you, we have the perfect cheat code for wearing a pair of heels without feeling pain. 

  1. Use a good moisturizer for your feet: One key to ensuring that your feet wouldn’t hurt in your heels is ensuring that they stay well moisturized. This will reduce the level of friction between your feet and the shoes, and reduce the occurrence of a blister. 
  1. Wear the right shoe size: Some shoes come in a size smaller, while others will fit your normal shoe size perfectly. When shopping for heels, it is important to take note of correct sizing and charts for the shoes, so that you don’t end up getting a wrong fit. 
  1. Shop comfortable heel types: Opt for wedges, platform heels, and block heels, if you value your comfort over aesthetics. The best part is, you can get the best fashion styles in them too because they represent the perfect balance between comfort and style. 
  1. Study your feet shape and shop to fit it: If you have narrow feet, then rocking a stiletto may probably not be a problem for you. However, if you have wide feet, you should opt for open-toed heels instead, so that it is suitable for your feet type. 
  1. Foot massages are good for you: The next time you go to a spa, book a foot massage as well. Getting a foot massage once in a while helps with the flexibility of your feet, and will make wearing heels less difficult. 

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