Creator Fund: Tiktok Content Creators Threaten to Boycott App Due to Low Earnings

In 2020, Tiktok announced the launch of its creators’ fund at $200 million and has gradually increased the fund to its current $1billion. This fund was created to cater to payments of content creators on the app as a reward for putting out great content on the app. 

A few months later, content creators and famous tiktokers are calling out the app for rewarding them with meagre earnings, even after having millions of views on their videos. 

A lot of content creators are threatening to boycott the TikTok app if nothing is done anytime soon to address the low earnings they are making per video. This can mean a lot of problems for TikTok, especially because it relies on the consistent use of video content from these same creators to grow. 

How much does TikTok pay per view?

Currently, a Tiktoker can make only about $2 from a video of about 10 million views. Why? Because the number of content creators on the app has significantly increased since 2020, following the lockdown and covid 19 pandemic. According to the app’s statistics, users spend an average of 52 minutes daily on the app. Hence, by the virtue of the app’s increase in popularity, the number of content creators also increased. 

The creator’s fund seemed like a great idea at first, and perhaps its implementation in the first few months as well was great, but now, it isn’t the same.

The $1bn creator’s fund being fixed is not feasible or even fair compensation to the creators. Creating these videos requires a lot of time, resources, especially for influencers on the app. Now, if a video with 10 million views can only make $2, how then are creators encouraged to use the app? 

This monetization policy should be reviewed by the app, before a lot of influencers boycott, and leave. Tiktok thrives solely on the quality of content created by these creators, so what then will happen when they all go? Reviewing this policy will definitely save the app from losing a lot of users and revenue as well.

A good step may be increasing the fund to accommodate the increase in the number of creators or creating a policy that matches the number of views with the number of earnings, that way creators are well compensated for their hard work. 

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