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What You Deserve in a Relationship

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The word relationship means being connected or related to a person, a thing, etc. In this context, a relationship refers to a partnership between romantic partners. This type of relationship requires a level of commitment, intimacy, and an emotional/ physical connection.

In the world we live in today, it’s not unlikely to often forget what is required of a relationship, what is obtainable, and what to expect from the partnership, seeing as a lot of people are now left with watered-down versions of relationships that leave them heart-broken and dysfunctional people. 

Hence, there’s a need for you to constantly remind yourself of how you deserve to be treated in a relationship. 

Here is a list of things every woman deserves in a relationship.

A feeling of safety and security

You deserve to feel seen, safe and secured in your relationship. Your partner should be able to reassure you,  offer you physical and emotional safety always.


Relationships are about making compromises to accommodate your partner. However, these compromises should not be one-sided and you should never compromise to your own detriment. A relationship should be a partnership, not an imposition. 

Genuine respect

Love is different from respect. You deserve a partner who will respect you, your choices, your dreams without imposing theirs on you. Respect is quite important in every relationship and arrangement. 

A partner who loves you for who you are

Some people fall in love with an idea of “you”, regardless of whether or not that reality is true. Find a partner who loves you for who you are, and not what they want you to be or what they think you “could” be. 

Someone who corrects you and challenges you

You’ll need a partner that can correct you, in love without making you feel stupid or less. At the same time, you need someone who challenges you to be a better version of yourself.

Someone who supports you in your dreams and goals.

Your partner should be your cheerleader.

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