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Before You Exchange Intimate Pictures, Keep These in Mind

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Esther Jacqueline
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In this day of social media and the internet, it is not uncommon for lovers and partners to share intimate pictures of themselves. In fact, it is perfectly normal to send pictures to your boyfriend or partner.

However, this has led to a spike in the rise of revenge porn. Revenge porn is the act of sharing, distributing explicit sexual content without the permission of the person in the image or content. Sadly, this is one of the many consequences of sharing intimate pictures online. Although revenge porn is a crime punishable in many states in the United States of America, Europe, Australia, and some parts of Asia and Africa, many people would rather carry on without prosecuting the perpetrators.  

Sharing intimate pictures with your partner(s) is not a crime at all. However, it could become a bigger problem if there’s a breach of trust later. Therefore, it is important to understand and consider a couple of factors and results that may ensue from sharing this content.

Here’s what you must consider before sharing those intimate pictures with your partner. 

Consider these tips before sending nudes

Do you want to? Or are you being pressured to? 

Ask yourself this question, whatever your answer is, you should know what to do afterwards. The only person who can never be wrong when it comes to you is yourself. Never allow anyone to pressure you, especially to share sensitive pictures/ videos of yourself, including your partner. It is solely your decision and no one should influence it. Also, if your partner is being forceful and insistent about it, then it could be a red flag to look out for.

Do you trust them? 

Trust is very important in relationships and the nature of the relationships often determines the level of trust. Do you trust your partners to protect your privacy? Or are they likely to breach your trust? Will your pictures and videos be safe if the relationship ends? If you don’t trust them enough, then perhaps you shouldn’t share. 

Don’t share pictures with your face. 

It’s big 2021 and the first rule to sharing nudes is to NEVER show your face in them. Also, hide any peculiar birthmarks that can be identifiable to you. If the pictures end up with someone else, they will not be traced to you. Remember, always protect yourself. 

Is your partner manipulative? 

If your partner often manipulates you with the smallest issues, then you might want to rethink sending them your nudes. The last thing you want to do is give more ammunition to a manipulative person. In the future, they may blackmail you with it or worse, release it as revenge porn. 

Trust your gut. 

Never ignore your gut feeling. Listen to yourself and listen again. If you feel uneasy about sharing your intimate pictures or videos with your partner then, it is a cue to not share them at all. 

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