Serena Williams Invests in Black Owned Healthcare Startup, HUED

Serena Williams has recently invested in HUED, a black-owned medical startup aimed at bridging the gap in healthcare for people of colour. HUED also intends to tackle racism in the provision of healthcare to black women. 

Serena spoke about her birth experience and highlighted the lackadaisical treatments that people of colour, especially black women, get when they require medical attention. 

The company raised a total of $1.6 Million. Other investors who invested in HUED include Black Founders matter, Gingerbread capital, the Female Founders Fund, etc. 

Kimberly Wilson shared her motivation for starting this company saying,

“I started this company because of my core belief in the preciousness of black lives and the desire to protect it. Building a startup as a black woman in healthcare is hard, incredibly hard. And, I think that’s why this round announcement is particularly special”

HUED was founded in 2018 with the aim of ending the racial disparities people of colour faced in mainstream healthcare. HUED uses its app to connect Black and Latinx patients with culturally competent healthcare providers.

HUED defines “culturally competent” healthcare professionals as those who “specifically understand the physical, mental, and cultural needs” of patients from diverse backgrounds. 

The startup has a database pool of over 600 different providers to cater to people of colour. 

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