Why You Should Consult A Pharmacist And Take Them More Serious Than You Do

At different points in our lives, we have been attended to by pharmacists. They have either dispensed our drugs or even told us how to take them. They have also probably counseled us about our health and other things we may have needed help with health-wise.

10 Apps To Help You Track Your Menstrual Cycle

Today’s apps are solving everyday issues and the menstrual cycle of a lady is one of them. While they cannot help you take the pain away, they can help you track the days you would be most fertile and least fertile. Thus, helping you further understand your body.

Why the Sniper Pesticide May Be Dangerous To Your Health

The Sniper Insecticide is a pesticide marketed by Swiss-Nigeria Chemical Company. It has gone on to become a very popular brand in Nigeria today as many families use it in eradicating mosquitoes, cockroaches, bed bugs etc.

Healthy Living Activities For Everyone

Health is wealth. But healthy living comes from healthy eating. The two go hand in hand and one cannot exist without the other. The benefits of eating healthy cannot be overemphasized. Here are a few healthy living activities.

Much Ado About Sexual Health

Fruits are good for you. So is water, and adequate rest, coupled with an exercise-tuned lifestyle. Do these sound familiar? It’s also a little known fact that your health, as it relates to you, my lovely reader, encompasses more than the well known aspects of physical health.

Want To Lose Weight? Here Is What To Do

Many people think loosing weight is about just running and eating fruits. Although exercises are a great way to loose weight and so is eating fruits but when this is not done in the right way, you’ll just loose weight and instead of looking fit, you look lean and sick. Loosing weight is not just about shedding the fat, it’s about doing the right things to apportion the fat to the right places.

Tips For Preparing To Have Your First Baby

Getting pregnant is a big deal, especially when it is for the first time. To ensure that you have a Continue Reading

Are You Breast Cancer Aware? By Ifeanyi Iloba

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which is an annual campaign to increase awareness of the disease. But there are Continue Reading

Understanding Breast Cancer – Symptoms & Diagnosis

Breast cancer is an uncontrolled growth of breast cells. To better understand breast cancer, it helps to understand how any Continue Reading

When that vagina itch won’t go away

​Vagina itching that just won’t go away is uncomfortable to talk about, and even more uncomfortable to deal with. But before you assume you’re dealing with yeast infection symptoms (which is likely, but not certain), it’s important to know the symptoms of other common conditions and talk to a doctor.

Herpes: Facts You Need To know

But what do you know about Herpes?
The Herpes Simplex Virus is classified into two:

Rape – “NO” Is Not Just A Word!!!

!!!Failure to give consent or Withdrawal of consent at ANY point should be grounds for immediate discontinuation!!!!

18 & Having A Pregnancy Scare? Here Is What To Do

Pregnancy scares are the last thing any 18 year old girl wants on their plate. This is not the time to get into any panic attack. 

Managing Teenage Pregnancy: The Post Natal Care -By Edwin Alivionote

The pregnant teenager who has been nursed through the nine months pregnancy and supported to successfully put to birth is Continue Reading

When The Abuser Becomes The Victim

  Very often when I speak to people about Intimate Partner Violence, I see that they fail to recognize that Continue Reading

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