Relationship Deal Breakers You Should Never Tolerate

Relationship deal breakers are relationship “icks”. They refer to things your partner does that will likely make you call it quits and end the relationship. Don’t be scared, having deal breakers isn’t bad. Rather, having a deal-breaker will help you decide, analyze what actions you’re willing to tolerate in a relationship, and what actions you are not willing to take. 

When partners get together at the beginning of their relationship, some discuss deal-breakers to help them better understand their partners better, know what lines never to cross, etc. While some people have specific “icks” as a result of their different backgrounds, beliefs, etc. however, there are some general deal breakers you really should not be tolerating or compromising in your relationship. 

Here are a few deal breakers you should never tolerate. 

  1. Your partner wants to keep you a secret: There’s nothing wrong with wanting to have a private relationship, but if your partner is going the extra mile to hide you from everyone, that is a strong red flag. You deserve a partner that appreciates you, supports you, and publicly too. If your partner is keen on hiding you from the rest of the world, there’s a likelihood that they are also hiding important pieces of their lives from you. 
  1. Your partner is abusive: Any form of abuse is a huge dealbreaker. Physical abuse, emotional abuse, verbal abuse, sexual abuse should never be tolerated. Don’t make excuses for an abusive partner, if they did it once, they would probably do it again. Someone who abuses you does not respect or love you and does not deserve you. 
  1. Your partner is unfaithful to you: Some people argue that cheating and unfaithfulness might not be a deal-breaker in a relationship, but I honestly think it is. If your partner breaks your trust, disrespects you, and cheats on you, then it goes to show how much they do not care for you or your feelings. Except it’s an open relationship, and both parties are okay with bringing other people into the relationship. 
  1. You are unhappy: You should never negotiate your happiness, it’s the one thing you should never sacrifice for anything or anyone. You should feel at ease, and at peace when you are around your partner. So if you feel like your relationship makes you unhappy, then this is your cue to leave and never look back. 
  1. You share different values: Sometimes your partner isn’t a terrible person but you just happen to share different opinions and beliefs, and that’s okay. Leaving a relationship because your partner has different values from yours may be quite necessary especially if it’s on issues you hold dear. For example, if your partner is misogynistic and you are a feminist, you don’t need anyone to tell you how much of a deal-breaker that is.

Being in a great relationship can change your life, in the same vein being in a bad one can hurt you too. Don’t overcompensate or make excuses when you come across deal breakers in your relationship. It may be difficult, but it’s important to choose yourself. You deserve to be loved correctly. 

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