Lagos Living: Marcelino Lagos Didn’t Quite Live Up To My Expectations

Most of the greatest discoveries were made by accident; Cornflakes, chocolate chip cookies , the microwave, you name it , but this post isn’t about the unhealthy amount of accidental culinary discoveries I know. This article is about how the search for a beautiful location led me to finding the worst ice cream I had ever had in Lagos at Marcelino Lagos.

Marcelino Lagos


It all started when my friend and I saw a campaign circling around social media; now thinking about it, I don’t think I ever found out what the campaign was about, what really caught our eyes was the location. It looked quite nice and picture perfect, so when we found ourselves in the neighborhood of Marcelino Lagos it made perfect sense to check it out, take some pictures and probably get a thing or 2 in the process. Honestly, the food wasn’t our greatest concern.

On getting there we weren’t disappointed, the place looked really nice, the ambiance lived up to our expectations. We were very excited to get amazing shots, but first we ordered.

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After a little deliberation we decided to get ice cream and maybe some cake, honestly their menu wasn’t promising so we got ice cream first and dived in.
We got 4 flavours, coconut, chocolate, strawberry and vanilla, the crazy thing is having this ice cream made me realize a lot of things, I appreciated every single ice cream I have had in the past.

First, I hadn’t really had bad ice cream. Bland, ‘yes’, but bad, where all I could taste was syrup and broken dreams ‘NO’!


The chocolate was edible, the coconut was quite irritating, the strawberry was most definitely what made me do this whole review, really, don’t try it! 
It wasn’t all bad though, the vanilla was, well, vanilla.

Customer service was good, we were served the menu as soon as we had our seats, however the waitress was the perfect definition of a busy body. We could hear every conversation and gossips she was engaged in. To be honest it was quite disturbing.

Marcelino Lagos is a nice place to hang out with friends. But will I be visiting again? Definitely not.

Article by Eunice Udenwa

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