Lagos Living: Marcelino Lagos Didn’t Quite Live Up To My Expectations

Most of the greatest discoveries were made by accident; Cornflakes, chocolate chip cookies , the microwave, you name it , but this post isn’t about the unhealthy amount of accidental culinary discoveries I know. This article is about how the search for a beautiful location led me to finding the worst ice cream I had ever had in Lagos at Marcelino Lagos.

Lagos Living: Evening Dinner At Gypsy’s Restaurant

I visited Gypsy's restaurant (an Indian restaurant in the heart of Ilupeju, specifically on 34a Gbolade Adebanjo St, off association avenue, Ilupeju, Lagos) on my birthday and it was more or less a decision I made on the eve of birthday.

I Visited Lufasi Park, And Here Is What I Think About The Place

Lufasi park is a nature park located in Lagos along Lekki-Epe Expressway, around Sangotedo area (a little after Lagos Business School). I have wanted to visit Lufasi park for the longest time, so when my friend decided that she’d like to have her birthday picnic there and invited me, of course I jumped at the offer.

My train experience from Idu Station, Abuja to Rigassa Station, Kaduna

I love to travel and so, I try to seize the opportunity as often as I can. On this particular trip, I was to visit Kaduna for a conference – The Digital African Woman Business Pitch. In preparation for my trip, I had to book my flight down to the North. I tried booking Lagos to Kaduna but the flight prices were quite exorbitant, as they went from 40,000 Naira upwards.

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