big brother naija audition quuestions

25 Possible Audition Questions For Big Brother Naija 2019

We all know that Big Brother Naija is around the corner. Here are some big brother naija audition questions which you may want to check out, just in case you are going for the big brother naija 2019 auditions.


big brother naija audition quuestions


1. If you happen to be a new addition to a box of crayon, what color would you be and what’s the reason for the color you have decided to go with?

2. Picture yourself in a scenario where as you stepped out of this office after your session with the interviewers, you happen to find a lottery ticket that entitles you to 45 million naira cash prize, what would you do with it?

3. Do you work better when you work alone or you work better when you are with a team of supportive persons?

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