How Canadian Doctor Got Married in Scrubs During Lunch Hour

Love truly conquers all, even amidst a hectic lifestyle!

Canadian doctor Amiirah Aujnarain didn’t let her demanding career and busy schedule get in the way of tying the knot with the love of her life.

Despite her packed calendar, she managed to complete the legal ceremony part of her wedding to her fiancé, Dr. Milad Midabber.

Aujnarain and Midabber marriage ceremony was scheduled to hold on May 24 but their tight schedule posed as a hindrance to the legal ceremony.

Rather than getting all worked up about clearing their schedules, the couple decided to

They opted to skip the elaborate planning and, instead, made an unexpected trip to Toronto City Hall during their lunch break on April 23.

The immunologist shared details of her impromptu wedding on TikTok, describing how she added a personal touch to her routine.

Instead of the usual scrubs, she embraced the bride vibe by wearing off-white scrubs from Figs. Her partner, Dr. Midabber, also joined in by opting for darker scrubs, creating a coordinated “work costume.”

She added that the ceremony was quick and practical, “mostly signing papers.”

The simple legal ceremony isn’t the end of their wedding festivities.

They’re also getting ready for their bigger celebration, set to happen later this month with 200 of their close family members and friends in attendance.

However, Dr Aujnarain’s video has garnered several reactions with some criticizing her choice to have a lunch hour legal ceremony.

She even took to posting a follow-up video to address any misconceptions, emphasizing that her wedding video was not a sponsored post.

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