Why Was Theresa Randle Replaced in ‘Bad Boys 4’

Fans of the Bad Boys series were taken aback by the news that Theresa Randle would not be coming back for her role in Bad Boys 4.

Randle first portrayed the character of Theresa Burnett, Martin Lawrence’s on-screen wife in the original Bad Boys film from 1995.

She reprised her role in Bad Boys II and the 2020 instalment, Bad Boys for Life.

Given her history of returning to the series, fans were indeed taken aback by her absence in Bad Boys: Ride or Die.

According to Variety Tasha Smith (“Empire, “For Better or Worse”) will replace Randle as Theresa.

You may be wondering why Randle was replaced, here’s what we know:

Theresa Randle’s absence from the show may not be unconnected to health issues.

Shortly after the news of her replacement spread, a video of Randle using a walker made rounds on the internet.

Fans also speculated that aside from experiencing health issues, Randle might be using drugs.

Randle’s former manager Roger Neal debunked those rumours stating that she’s not in a “bad way” people depicted her to be.

However the actresses has remained silent regarding her exit from the Bad Boys series and the reasons behind her absence is still unknown.

Theresa Randle’s acting Hiatus

Another reason why the actress did not appear in Bad Boys: Ride or Die is that she may have retired from acting.

When the first Bad Boys hit the screens, Randle was actively pursuing her career.

She had already made her debut in her 20s, appearing in Maid to Order and Near Dark.

By the time Bad Boys was released, Randle had already starred in significant projects like Jungle Fever and Malcolm X, marking the peak of her career in the ’90s.

On the flip side, Randle has not taken on any acting roles since Bad Boys for Life in 2020.

This noticeable break in her work suggests a possible retirement from acting, leading her to opt out of new projects like Bad Boys: Ride or Die.

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