Giveaway: Win Tickets To The Hear Word! Stage Play Happening This Weekend At The National Theatre

Dear Urban Women,

Seven people will now have the chance to win a ticket to see the Hear Word Play at the National Theatre, Iganmu Lagos.

Hear Word 2019

HEAR WORD! stage play is returning to Lagos this March 2nd and 3rd, 2019 (National Theatre, 1pm and 5pm). 

After a successful tour in Lagos, New York, California and Germany tour, which also included six shows at the world renowned Public Theatre in New York City; the Segerstorm Center in California and the Thalia Theater in Hamburg, Hear Word! returns to Lagos, this time in pidgin.

The play which was directed and co-written by Ifeoma Fafunwa is based on real life experiences of Nigerian women has starred ten incredible Nigerian actresses including Nollywood’s Joke Silva, Taiwo Ajai-Lycett, Elvina Ibru, Ufuoma McDermott, Omonor, Zara Udofia-Ejoh, Rita Edward, Odenike, Debbie Ohiri and Oluchi Odii.

To win a ticket, all you need to do is drop a comment beneath this post, stating why you think it is important that Nigerian women tell their stories; and your email address, so we can reach you when you win.

Two winners would be announced in a 6pm post today, 1st March, 2019.

HEAR WORD! is produced by  iOpenEye, a Nigerian production company that utilizes performance art to challenge the status quo and inspire social change.

Learn more about the show and book or purchase tickets by visiting

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  1. Nigerian women for a long time have been regarded as the weaker sex, however i strongly believe that efforts need to be reinforced in drawing attention to the importance of women realising their rights and the tremendous benefits female participation and involvement in community decision making would bring to our society. They need to share their stories to be inspire younger girls who are facing any form of discrimination.

  2. A lot of women need to share their success stories with other women to stimulate thinking and popular action. The challenges ahead for women however are still enormous. Especially in our society where disempowering and discriminatory practices against women still thrive.
    So much more needs to be done about promoting and protecting the rights of women.

  3. Women need to share their stories to simply inspire others ewoecuakle younger ladies. Younger ladies need to understand what it takes to thrive in any society no matter how competitive. Sharing their stories will help change the narrative also that indeed gender of one doesn’t determine one’s success. Sharing their stories will make men value their girls and women too that indeed a woman is strong withhin and they can do so much if given the needed support.

  4. The Nigerian woman of today has come a long way. Despite all the negativity and criticism that ties her down. She should no longer be defined by her sex ,marital status or motherhood. Instead ,she should be defined by her individuality and the positive role she plays in the society.

  5. Women need to cast away all forms of jealousy, malice,horrible cultural practices that do not edify in any form and embrace each other. Older women should be suitable and approximate mentors to the younger ones. Building up instead of tearing down. Helping us all to achieve our goals and dreams

  6. As a Nigerian Woman, cultural difference and society has tried to pit us against each other, there makes us see our differences instead of how similar we are. Telling our stories brings all women together old and young. Allowing us tackle issues that affect the Nigerian woman as one.

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