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Winners of 10,000 Naira Giveaway!!!

About two weeks ago, we asked you to pre-order your copies of Urban Woman Magazine in the 10,000 Naira Giveaway here. The winners of the giveaway are: Oyenike Salau and Tolu Akande They are the winners of the 10,000 Naira giveaway. They would be...

Ufuoma McDermott For Urban Woman Magazine’s 2nd Edition

This edition which features celebrity actress, Ufuoma McDermott has got social media buzzing. This edition also features an interview with South African actress, Mohau Mokoatle-Cele who starred in MTV Shuga as "Bongi". See pictures from the shoot below: Makeup: @be_gorg Photography: @ore007 Editorial: @lolo_cy Hair:...

Ufuoma McDermott Covers 2nd Edition of Urban Woman Magazine

The long anticipated 2nd Edition of Urban Woman Magazine is finally out! This edition gives insights into issues that women in some parts of Nigeria struggle with, while also answering the one question that has made seeking justice for...

Sexuality Of Women by Jeffrey Okolo

Common opinions about the sexuality of females range from accusing women of being prudish or withholding of sex to being seductive and using their sexuality as a source of power or manipulation. These skewed views steer us away from seeing the reality that, just like men, women have a natural and healthy desire to be sexual.

Are You Breast Cancer Aware? By Ifeanyi Iloba

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which is an annual campaign to increase awareness of the disease. But there are other forms of cancer that we all should be aware of. Cancer can start in any part of the body....

Are “Soul Ties” A Myth? – Lolo CY Thinks So! Watch Video

You must have heard about Soul Ties, a concept preachers use to dissuade people from having premarital sex. In her YouTube video, Lolo CY shares her views on why she thinks Soul Ties is a concept that should be...

Is it fair for a man to solely pay the bills in the home? | Grey Room NG’s First Episode Sparks Debate On #TwitterNG

The Grey Room is a new show where young people come in and debate on common topics derived from the society.

Of Marriage And Partnerships

Most Nigerian ladies are trained from a young age to be docile. They must learn to cook otherwise, no man will marry them. They must know how to wash clothes and iron. They must always be of good character. They must always be soft-spoken. 

My Parents Joked About Dying Together And It Happened – Toke Makinwa

In her book 'On Becoming', Toke Makinwa revealed how a gas cylinder leak led to the fire incident that killed her parents when she was just 8-years-old.

Meet Bunmi Adebimpe, Creative Director, VP Cube Photofactory Known For Baby Photography

​It is no news that photography has moved from what it used to be 10 years ago, especially in this part of the world. Meet Bunmi Adebimpe, the head photographer and creative director of VP CUBE PHOTOFACTORY which is known for its unique niche “baby photography”.

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Interesting Facts About Tiffany Stewart, Mark Cuban’s Wife

If you are familiar with Shark Tank, you most likely know Mark Cuban, the Billionaire investor who...
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Saira Dewji – Fast Facts You Should Know About Her

Saira Dewji is the wife of Tanzanian billionaire , Mohammed Dewji. Mohammed Dewji has an estimated net worth of $1.1 billion as was ranked the 21st richest man in Africa by Forbes Magazine in 2015.

Kathleen Gawthrop : All You Need To Know About Arnold Palmer’s Wife

Arnold Palmer died on the 25th September, 2016. He was survived by his wife from his 2nd marriage, Kathleen Gawthrop.

Jennifer Lopez Headlining Latin Music Week With Maluma Chat

Jennifer Lopez would be headlining the Latin Music Week with Maluma Chat. The two are going to have a chat about their lives and careers as part of Billboard's Latin Music Week.

Nene Leakes Is Leaving ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’

NeNe Leakes has just announced on her YouTube channel that she would not be returning to the show, “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” next season.