In Ghana, Parents And Christian Groups Are Kicking Against Sex Education For Children

Parents and Christian groups in Ghana are kicking against the Comprehensive Sexuality Education which is planned to be introduced to primary school children from the age of four.

The Comprehensive Sexuality Education which is a UNESCO programme seeks to empower children with information on their sexuality and reproductive system.

comprehensive sexuality education in ghana
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According to the Director of the Ghana Education Service, CSE will help to  “nurture positive attitudes, open-mindedness, respect for self and others, non-judgmental attitudes and a sense of responsibility concerning sexual and reproductive health issues”.

However, a different opinion exists which claims that the Comprehensive Sexuality Education programme is a guise to introduce children to gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender activism. Parents and Christian groups are also asking why children should be introduced to sex education before they are sexually active. Some people have gone on to describe the move as demonic.

According to the leader of National Coalition for Proper Human Sexual Rights and Family Values, Moses Foh Amoaning, it is a strategy. He was quoted by the BBC saying, “It is a strategy – they have a plan. It is not always open for you to see”.

The Leaders of Ghana’s Teachers Association have also opposed the move and say they were not consulted on the program.

The Comprehensive Sexuality Education is billed to kick off after consultations with stakeholders in the Ghana education sector.

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