4 Types Of Parenting Styles

Today, there are 4 types of parenting styles which are recognized. They are:





4 types of parenting styles
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Your parenting style is simply the strategy which you use in raising your children. Your parenting style can affect the way your children mature into adults. In this article, we shall be evaluating the four parenting styles and the effects of each of them on kids.

Authoritarian Parenting Style

This type of parent believes that the child should be punished always. There is little or no negotiation done with the children. It is always their word or nothing. Here, the feelings of the child are not taken into consideration, and parents are less nurturing. Also, the expectations placed on the child are usually very high, with communication being strictly on a one way basis, ie parent to child.

An authoritarian parent uses punishment often and so, rather than teach a child to make better choices, they teach the child to be sorry for their mistakes.

Children under this kind of parenting, often grow up to be good liars, because of the level of strictness applied by the parent. They may also become hostile and aggressive.

Permissive Parenting Style

These parents are very indulgent and let their children do whatever they want with little guidance. Expectations are not set by the parents, and the children are never disciplined. When rules are set, they are rarely enforced. The communication is very relaxed but the parent offers little or no guidance.

Children under this kind of parenting grow up to not appreciate authority. They may also develop health problems like obesity.

Uninvolved Parenting Style

This type of parent does not care. The children never receive parental guidance, and attention. They expect the children to raise themselves. Communication is limited because they are never there. The parents are often times swamped with work or household problems.

Children who grow under this kind of parenting method are likely to perform very poorly in school.

Authoritative Parenting Style

Here, the parents are nurturing, and very reasonable. Communication is two way and frequent. These parents put a lot of effort in maintaining a relationship with their child. Rules are made, enforced and have consequences for disobedience which are well explained to the child.

Children who mature under this kind of parents are likely to be responsible adults and have high self esteem.

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