Sudan Archives Releases New Video For Song ‘Confessions’

Multi talented artiste and violinist,  Sudan Archives, has released a new video for Confessions. Known for delivering videos with futuristic vibes, Confessions is no different. In the video, she manages to give us a vintage feel with topped with a glimpse of darkness as she transitions from Confessions to Black Vivaldi Sonata.

The video also has extraordinary characters. According to Sudan in a press release about Confessions, she said,

 “It is about being the seduced and the seductress, it’s about God & the Devil, Yin & Yang and about the possibility that we might have it all wrong about the two.”

The video’s director, Nathan R. Smith, said,

We wanted to showcase female excellence in a unique and dynamic way. The world these women live in is aesthetically bleak but they bring beauty to it through their positive vibe and energy.

In the video, there is some sort of bonus, as it transitions into a sneak peak of another new Sudan Archives song, “Black Vivaldi Sonata.”

Both songs, “Confessions” and “Black Vivaldi Sonata” are on her coming debut full length album, Athena. Athena would be out November 1st on Stones Throw Records.

Check out the video and the teaser at the end below.

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