#SexForGrades Is Trending On Twitter As More People Share Their Experiences

Barely 6 hours after the BBC Africa Eye Documentary which showed two lecturers from University of Lagos and University of Ghana sexually harass journalists disguised as students, #sexforgrades has started trending on Twitter.

More people are coming out to share their stories, from victims who have been previously harassed, to friends of victims. In a name and shame moment, more universities and faculties are also being called out.

It is amazing to see that #sexforgrades is something that has been swept under the carpet for so long due to low reportage and lack of evidence when people speak up.

As usual, people who have decided to be deliberately obtuse about the situation are not left out as they too have taken to social media to air their views, however dull-witted it may be. It is indeed a free for all.

See some Twitter reactions below:




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