BBC Africa Eye Goes Undercover In Sex For Grades Documentary Spanning Lagos And Ghana

In Africa, academic institutions are rife with male lecturers who constantly harass female students asking for sex in exchange for good grades. However, this phenomenon has seen little to no reportage. It is also hard to prove and so students hardly get the justice they deserve even after speaking up.

In this documentary, BBC Africa Eye went undercover and exposed two lecturers from the University of Lagos, and the University of Ghana.

The lecturers exposed in the video are:

Dr Boniface Igbeneghu, Former Sub Dean of Faculty of Arts, University of Lagos,  he is also the Head pastor of the local FourSquare Gospel Church;

Dr Paul Kwame Butakor, from the College of Education, University Of Ghana.

The female reporters were harassed and propositioned by these lecturers at the institution. Unknown to these lecturers, they had secret cameras on all the while.

It should be noted that University Policy strongly discourages and relationships between professors and students.

Watch below:


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