Skinny Girl In Transit Season 5 Episode 3 – Mide Has A Son???

Skinny Girl In Transit Season 5 Episode 3 got us like bangdededeng! If you have been following this season’s Skinny Girl In Transit Series, then episode 3 got you as shocked as it did me!


Skinny Girl in Transit S5E3 Blast From The Past - YouTube


How can Mide have a son?! How?


Skinny Girl In Transit Season 5 Episode 3 Blast From The Past


Let’s start from the top! 

Apparently, the couple seemed to have moved on well from the brouhaha that happened at the counselling session.

It is Mide’s birthday and Tiwa keeps giving him surprises. From the gift in his drawer, to lunch at the office, and then surprise birthday dinner. Ahn! Tiwa is bent on giving other ladies a run for their money.

However, some people seem to be taking on the challenge like the “plus one” Derin brought to the office. 

Derin is so disrespectful, how can she bring a lady to flirt with Mide at a dinner his “wife-to-be” organized? Like how???

She deserved her dress being ruined to be very honest. Can we have a bucket of water next time? A glass of wine doesn’t just do enough justice.

Am I the one who thinks the lady at the adoption office is mean? I feel sorry for Aunt Dupe. She doesn’t deserve to be treated this way. 

Mohammed and Salewa’s relationship is about to hit an iceberg. Mohammed is being pressured by his people to go back home and marry the Hausa girl betrothed to him. Sigh! This world is just a pot of spoiled beans. Can’t people’s lives just go on smoothly?!

Talking about spoiled beans, you sure didn’t see this one coming…

Mide has a son. Why? When? Where? How?

We don’t know!

Skinny Girl In Transit Season 5 Episode 3

We were made to know he has a son when he got a text message at the very end. The message contained a picture of the child. 

Watch Skinny Girl In Transit Season 5 Episode 3 below:



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