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Skinny Girl In Transit Season 5 Episode 5 – Enemies Within, Enemies Everywhere

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I watched Skinny Girl In Transit Season 5 Episode 5, and everything was going well, till the very end.

Is it me or does any one else want to seriously beat up Derin?

Skinny Girl In Transit Season 5 Episode 5

What in the world is “Theresa, come and get your man back?”

Like I understand her disdain for Tiwa (at least let me pretend I do) but to go out of your way to try to hurt somebody’s relationship??? That is just terrible.

So, last time I wrote about SGIT, I mentioned that Mide has a new child.

I didn’t feel so enthusiastic to write about episode 4, because I felt there was not much to write about. First episode 4 was long for no reason. I had to sit through the boring introduction. Couldn’t they find a way to skip it? Sigh! And Tiwa did not find out about Mide’s child until the very end of that episode.

However, Skinny Girl In Transit Season 5 Episode 5 turned out to be better than I thought it would be.

Derin and Chris may or may not have made out the night before. Derin is confused about what happened at the club, and Chris is all smiles. Lol!

Frankly I think she needs some joy in her life and if Chris would give it to her, then great!

Shalewa has found out about the girl Mohammed is betrothed to, Farida. I wonder where their relationship goes from here.

Can Tiwa and Mide sort this child thing ASAP! I know it is a lot to deal with, but I really want to see a wedding this season.

By the way, I think they should sort it out without involving each other’s parents. Maybe they can let them know after the wedding. I don’t want Tiwa’s mother bearing down on her to accept the child.

You know the way Nigerian mothers are long suffering and will do anything or take any form of crap to remain married.

Instead, I want Tiwa to make her decision independently, and whatever her decision is, I am sure we her fans would always be rooting for her.

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Written by Blessing Iyamadiken

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