Saturday, September 25, 2021

Skinny Girl In Transit Season 5 Episode 2 – Counselling Session?

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And so, Skinny Girl In Transit Season 5 Episode 2 is out and as usual, I give y’all the spoilers.

First, this episode kind of dragged, but I am not going to elaborate on that because it wasn’t so noticeable.

Skinny Girl In Transit Season 5 Episode 2

Yes we have a new character in Episode 2, Deyemi Okanlawon who is playing the character of the Counselor. Apparently, Tiwa and Mide have to go through counselling before marriage. It is what about-to-be-married people do.

Before I go further on the counselling session, did you all notice how Tiwa is like super-h***y because of the abstinence from sex with Mide. In Episode 1, they decided they were going to abstain till marriage. And two weeks into that, Tiwa isn’t finding it funny at all. Talk about wet dreams and etc etc. Lol!

Now what is wrong with Derin? She must think the whole world should bow at her feet and lick her toes while they are at it. I am tired! Like why must you find someone to pick on? Sigh! She needs love, or, now that I think of it, good sex.

Yes, back to the counselor thing, Deyemi did a pretty good job playing this part. Did you see his shock when they said they had been abstaining for two weeks? It was there for like a milli-second. Lol! And then he quickly recovered. Subtle thins like this are what makes a great movie, because the emotions play out like they should in real life.

In my predictions here about all the events that may take place this season, I said that Wosi would find love. Though I laughed it off, I knew it wasn’t impossible. Guess what?! She has found love. I’m so touched. I hope it ends well on that end.

Tiwa wants two children, Mide wants four children, and they almost argued about this. Hilarious! Well find out how it all went down.

Watch Skinny Girl In Transit Season 5 Episode 2 below:



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