Plan Your Week Effectively With These 5 Steps

Have you ever looked at your watch and wondered where all the time went? And then, by extension, you wonder where the week has gone and bemoan the fact that you have gotten so little done in all that time? We have all probably at one point or the other felt this way, and it has affected us to various degrees. Is there something to be done about it though? There has to be! Because, there is so much more to life than just waking up, going to work, eating, watching TV and going to bed. You are charged to have a rewarding life, to enjoy the world and all its eccentricities and foibles. Only then can you really claim that you have lived life to the fullest. 

how to plan your week effectively

Write it all down

A lot of people underestimate the power of putting down your hopes, dreams, and values. It is a way to keep the most important things in mind so that you don’t forget it in the hustle and bustle of life. So, start keeping a journal, write down everything that inspires you even on the most frustrating of days. Also, set out what you will like to be doing in the next decade or so. It is okay if you don’t have it all figured out, or have no idea how to attain your wishes, but at least put them down. 

Plan the week out 

Craft a plan for the week every Sunday. This way, you can keep the entire week in view and decide what needs to be done in the most effective way. Don’t forget to create time for your partner while you are at it since they are important to your goal of living a fulfilled life. 

Set a time limit for tasks

It is not enough to simply have a list of things to do and tasks to complete, you also need to allot a certain amount of time to each item on your list. This goes from assignments to meetings, and so on. This is important so you manage your time well and avoid dwelling on something for too long. 

Observe healthy habits

This is a bit broad as healthy habits come in all shapes and sizes. What is important is: does it make you happy? Is it relaxing? Does it leave you at peace? If it ticks all the boxes, then it can be considered healthy. That said, it is important to vary these activities and ensure that they are things you can do alone, with friends, and with a partner. This is important as the time you spend with people is an investment and is what leads to a more fulfilled time. Furthermore, place these routines on your calendar and then commit to them. Ensure they are in a place you can easily access them. 


Once the day is over, try to take a few minutes to think of every good thing that has happened that day, draw out the positives even from a disheartening day as this helps you appreciate everything around you. 

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