Goron Tula Review: Silky Kola For Vagina Wetness

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I have always dealt with vagina dryness and it has always affected my self esteem. However, I was trying to cope with it until a man I was with made a derogatory comment about it.

goron tula silky kola for vagina wetness

One particular day, I just told myself that I was done with vagina dryness. So, I got Silky Kola also called Goron Tula. I was skeptical about it at first though, but the lady I got it from encouraged me that it works.

I ordered for 10 pieces of Silky Kola, and when they arrived, I went on YouTube to watch videos on how it works.

How To Use The Gorontula Silky Kola

The night before, I took three of the Silky Kola and the next morning, I took 5. I boiled it for 10 minutes and then put it in cold water for another 5 minutes so it could be cold and then, I chewed it totally.

While chewing it, you shouldn’t swallow the seeds, and you should chew it till only the shaft is left.

One hour later, you will start to notice the wetness flowing from your insides. You really should not use the silky kola if you are not expecting a man for the next couple of days.

Also, I heard that it has cleansing properties, but I am not quite sure about that and I do not know how that works.

However, with regards to increasing vagina wetness, it is totally amazing! And everybody should totally try it out.

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